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Readying For Remodel: Phase 1

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The permit is taped to our front window. Our plans are approved.

And so now it begins.

Every summer I have had a project – Operation Nap In Crib (failed), Operation Potty Train (failed), Operation Learn To Parent Two Kids (success?) and now Operation Remodel. There is no choice but to have this one succeed.

Tonight we started packing for our move one room over. The house as it is now has two adjacent living rooms. Why? I don’t know. We are going to knock that wall down, open up the space. And while all of this is in progress we are going to live in one room (and the bedrooms – we aren’t touching those yet). I’m not sure I’m ready for this chaos. I’m having flashbacks to living with a newborn Nora in our old dining room which, at the time, functioned as living room, office and everything else while we finished that first remodel project. The room was small. It was cozy. We only had one small newborn.

Now we have two very mobile, very active children. I’ve just packed half of their toys away in boxes to be seen and used again when this is all said and done. Nora will be fine. As long as she can dress up and create a story for herself to enact, she won’t care about the noise and the cramped quarters and the missing toys (that she probably won’t even miss until she realizes later they were gone). Miles, on the other hand, is afraid of the vacuum. I vacuum and he cries. I vacuum and he stares at it and tenses out of fear and begs to be held but still cries in fear even in my arms. Drills and saws and air compressor noise will be an interesting test. If he cries the whole time I probably will too.

This weekend Ken will put up the temporary wall that will keep us safe from construction debris and dust and danger. He will move boxes of extra dishes and glasses and books and office items into a temporary storage container in our driveway. We will live on the other side of that wall for months perhaps. It will be an adventure. An adventure that gets us a house we love, a house that will feel more like us, more like home.

It all feels a bit crazy. A bit overwhelming. “We’ve been waiting for this for a long time,” Ken said as we were packing up. And we have. We knew when we bought this house almost two years ago that this is what we would do. We envisioned the house in its lighter, more open, more modern, less carpeted, less painted paneling state.  And now it’s time to endure the chaos to make our vision a reality.

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