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Remodel: Week 1

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Ken’s on the phone with the air conditioning repair-man for the second time since Sunday. We are currently blowing the heat in the house, hoping to melt whatever clog is in the coil this time. Heat in Texas in May is less than ideal. The temperature sensor on Miles’ monitor is blaring red at me. My patience is worn thin. This isn’t going so well.

This is week one. The first week we’ve lived in a relative state of remodeling. And, just like I expected, nothing goes as planned and everything happens at once. Had we planned on the air conditioner breaking? No. That’s not part of this plan. Had we planned on Miles getting sick (since of course he woke up with a fever today after his four hour nap yesterday)? No, but we knew that this would get interesting with the ever unpredictable health and needs of kids.

Our container arrived last weekend and we moved everything out from our house and into the pod. We knocked out the indoor trellis, a relic of 50s design we didn’t understand. Ken worked on getting everything in place, all his tools ready, his shop cleaned, the dumpster delivered.

With Miles sick and the air conditioner not working, today is when the chaos really started. The house is still all open to us – we still have a functioning kitchen, a whole open room in which to roam. But when I got home from work today, I found myself sitting on the couch, Miles asleep on me, with a hutch two feet in front of me and a temporary support wall taking shape on the other side.

In the next week Ken is hoping to finish the temporary wall, suck the old insulation out of the attic and make sense of the horror of our air conditioning situation.

I hope to survive the last full week of school while my house sinks into further chaos.

New to this whole remodel story?

Read about our plan here and our preparation here.

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