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Remodel: Week 2

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The remodel: Ken thinks it’s a mission, Nora thinks it’s an adventure, my mom thinks it’s crazy and me, I think of it somewhere in between all those. I guess I would call it an inconvenience with a purpose.

On Saturday while Miles and I were watching Nora’s dance class, Ken texted me and told me not to come back home. Shortly after that, his brother texted me this photo:

So I stayed away. The kids and I went and hung out at my parents for the day while Ken, his brother and a few friends started the process of ridding our house of the 50 year old insulation filling our attic.If I had written this post on Saturday, or Sunday or probably even Monday, it would have been a different post. A wha- the-heck-were-we-thinking post. A we-have-no-air-conditioning-and-I’m-living-in-one-room post. I was overwhelmed. I was hot. I thought we were crazy.

But they finished the dirtiest parts of the job today – having filled a dumpster and after refining their technique over the week. And we have had air conditioning back since Monday afternoon. The grossness of the whole operation has exiled us from the backyard – a favorite spot for the kids to play, but other than that, the part of the house we are living in was unaffected.

And today, after finishing the demolition and insulation removal phase, the back part of the house and the kitchen looks like this:

And this:

And the ceiling looks like this:

So how are we living here with two small children? I guess it helps to have lived before in a super tiny house because the space we have now is still bigger than the living space of our last house. Ken built a temporary support wall and covered it with masonite. He’s sealed off the doors and the hallway to keep the dust out. We’ve moved our living room, Ken’s office and a psuedo kitchen into our current living space. And we aren’t touching the bedrooms or bathrooms in this phase, which helps a lot to keep some of our routines.

Not having a kitchen is the most inconvenient part of all. But, after we finally cleaned up and my parents helped organize, we actually are managing pretty well with a “remodel” kitchen in the corner of the living room. We’ve put all of our kitchen things in the big hutch that was left in the house when we bought it. Ken bought a new microwave (our old one was a vent hood) and an induction hot plate (living the college life again!) and brought the grill around front. He has a whole menu figured out of “remodel meals” that I’ll write about in another post once we’ve lived this way for a bit longer. But, so far this week we’ve managed to eat almost as well as we usually do.

When I showed Nora the five gallon buckets we bought for storing and carrying and washing dirty dishes (in the laundry sink in the garage), she screamed out, “It’s just like Little House on the Prairie!” Sure. We are living life on the prairie with our microwave and hot plate, our TV and giant refrigerator in the corner. We still have most of our comforts and conveniences. The this-is-so-fun attitude that Nora is exhibiting towards the whole thing makes it easier to brush off the not so fun parts. I’m trying to feed off of her energy and remind myself that this will all be worth it in the end.

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