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Remodel: Week 3

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This week I’m going to let Ken’s graphic speak for itself on the outcome and process of removing all of the insulation. As I’ve written before, Ken’s drawings are what give me the faith to jump into this whole messy process. Here is his graphic of the insulation removal (note the image of his very helful brother in the attic):

Ken can usually power through any house project with energy and enthusiasm. I get home and he is excited to talk about plumbing problems and questions about duct work. These things don’t excite me, but I am thankful to be married to such a handy guy.

This week, though, Ken almost met his match. He was almost brought down by a 50 year old foam carpet pad stuck on with 50 year old black mastic. In order to do anything to the floor (we are still vacillating between staining the concrete (Ken’s choice) and putting in wood floors (my choice)) we had to remove that old crud. And removing it was hard.

Ken has a thing against stickiness. Propel a sticky child near him and see him wince in fear. The concrete floor covered in sludge was a worse nightmare than a sticky-fingered child.

He used a soy based product called bean-e-doo to remove the stuff. It has no fumes and, after sitting on the black mastic for an hour, makes it into a thicker sludge-like liquid. And then the hard part starts. All that now-liquified mastic has to be removed. Using a squeegee, two large grout sponges and a bucket of degreaser, he tackled that mess and made our concrete floor look like this:

So now we are free to continue our arguments about flooring. Ken will probably win. And I am probably ok with that.

Today the plumber started working. He ran a new gas system for the whole house, which upset a wall in Miles’ room since the meter is right outside his room. We already had installed a new tankless water heater last year and because it requires more gas, we had to do the whole gas system update before the rest of the remodel.

This is the stuff that sucks away huge parts of your budget and gets you absolutely nothing pretty. Thus, this is the part that I let Ken handle and I sort of try to listen when he tells me there are problems. But, mostly, after just three weeks I’m ready to get to the “let’s make this house pretty” phase.

We’re a ways off from that. Sigh.

But we can use our back yard again! And that made us all happy (especially Miles).

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