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Remodel: Week 5

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We’re still taking everything apart. And it’s starting to depress even Ken, who thought that by now we’d be at the fun part – the putting everything back together part. We have things ready to put back together – nice new large windows, new doors to our back yard. But they aren’t quite ready to be installed yet, though we are getting closer.

Remodeling is a roller coaster ride. Some days feel productive and like we are making progress. Some days Ken comes back in the house dirty and sweaty and feeling like everything is right with the world. Other days, like today, he feels like the demolition will never end, that we are trudging too slowly toward the other side. And on days like that I make him go to the pool with us. Because how can an hour at the pool with your kids not make you feel like at least something is going right.

We did make progress this week. The wall in the middle of the house, the wall that split one living space into two, the wall that we are removing to make the house more open – it came down. We live on the other side of that now non-wall, our temporary wall still splitting the space. Ken wants to put a plastic “window” in our temporary wall so we can start to see and feel the new layout come together. That goes along with his idea of living with a cardboard island to make sure it’s what we want, his idea of taping a fake paper flat screen tv to the wall to make sure the placement is just right.

The wall came down and so did the bricks on the outside of our house. The mason and his workers came and in hours our house was no longer whole. The big bad wolf had blown down bricks and now we live behind a shell of sheathing and plywood and our temporary wall. I was sort of stunned when I went outside this morning and saw the back of the house for the first time. It looks like this:

The biggest job this week, though was trying to get access to our pipes through the cement foundation. It involved a walk-behind-gas-powered-diamond-blade wet saw. It was loud (my mom had to endure that noise with the kids since I was working that day). And it took Ken and his brother  a few blades to get the cuts we needed.

And then the next day there was jackhammering in the old living room/dining room/kitchen. Jackhammering. So of course Ken called his brother – who is a jackhammer expert after all he’s helped us with – and the kids and I endured the noise (Miles actually slept through some of it) huddled in the corner of Nora’s room watching movies on the laptop. Did I mention it was loud? But Ian and Ken got all the concrete broken apart and dug out and now we can fix our pipes on Monday. Exciting stuff!

So next week we get the pipes fixed, the foundation put back together and maybe, just maybe we’ll get to install some of the pretty windows and doors and start to see the light at the end of this remodel tunnel. The tunnel is long – we aren’t anywhere close to the end, but we need some light from a crack in the tunnel, or a skylight, or something¬† – a glimpse at the end to motivate us to keep moving forward.

And Miles wants to help too.

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