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Remodel: Week 6

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When I checked in to the hotel this week, right after greeting me and making the “where are you visiting from?” small talk, the hotel clerk said, “We are in the middle of renovating the hotel. Between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm you may hear some remodeling noise.”

Really? Are you kidding me? I just left my in-the-middle-of-remodeling home and now I’m at an in-the-middle-of-remodeling hotel?

So I carried my luggage to the elevator amidst the noises of saws and hammers and a running chorus of: life really does play cruel jokes on you.

I had to rely on Ken for remodel updates this week, and on his father for remodel photos.

When I sent him a text today asking for an update that I could post here, he wrote this remodel poem (he didn’t call it a poem, but I am).
Almost done framing.
Tied in new drains.
New water lines to washer after cutting them with chipping hammer.
Passed rough in inspection.
Removed half of ceiling joists and replaced half with LVL.
Framed pantry wall.
Moved an existing door 6″.
Framed pantry ceiling with new attic stairs rough opening.
Moved water heater down 3″ to make clearance for spray foam.
 Gas company reduced pressure to 4oz.
 Made pony wall.
Went to sandy loam pit for bedding dirt for pipes.
Took a few work calls while on a ladder.
Took two cold showers.
Sprinted to the street to shut off water once (hurdling the shrubs).
Fixed the AC.
Snaked and power washed the drain.
Found an extra leak in laundry drain.
Drank 2 liters lemonade.
Installed car seats with a tool belt on.
Coined the term “whack it off” while demoing ceiling joists with Matt.

It’s very very messy.

Now, I’m not sure that he really “coined” that term, but I do wish I had been home to see him hurdle the shrubs. He has been busy in my absence with the help of his parents who have been watching the kids after daycare.


And after all this hard work and surviving (so far) my longest yet trip away from home amidst all of this remodeling mess, Nora apparently gave Ken a very backhanded compliment before bed tonight: “Since Mom’s not here, you’re my favorite one.”

I’m ready to leave the hammering of the hotel and return to the hammering of my house so I can be her favorite one again.

Want the back story?

The Plan

The Preparation

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