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“She looks so old,” Ken yelled from the other room this afternoon after Nora had gone to talk to him, a bun in her hair and a fancy dress on. She’s spent most of the summer in her underwear, a new aversion to clothes that itch and have seams and are too tight or too loose has caused her to put her princess dresses aside for time spent in just her underpants. It’s taken some getting used to, Nora without the princess garb. But she insists clothes aren’t comfortable. So, mostly, we look at her and she’s just our kid hanging out without clothes.

But then she surprises you.

A bun in her hair.

Reading me two whole books.

Creating ever complicated narratives for her ever evolving stories (she’s always three groups of girls at once – these are the little girls mom, these are the biggest girls, these are the girls who wear glasses – but it’s always her, always just Nora playing many parts).

She’s four.

But next week she’ll be four and a half.

Her birthday gets sucked away into the mess and chaos of Christmas and New Year’s so we talk about her half birthday too. We have plans for some special mom and Nora time – a hair cut, a movie, a manicure (she says she’ll stop sucking her thumb when she’s four and a half…).

Tonight she said, after having heard the expression in a book, that you can’t love someone with your whole heart.

“Why?” I kept asking. “I love you with my whole heart.”

“You can’t love someone with your whole heart,” she kept insisting.

“But why?” I kept prying.

And finally, “It would just be too much love.”

And maybe she’s right. She’s said that before.

But she’s four and a half. And I love her with my whole heart.


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  • Okay this made me cry a bit. She’s lovely.

  • My baby is now 10, and just today I was reminiscing on how he was so adorable at age 3 when he’d imitate my every word, like “whadda heck. Right, mama? Whaddaheck.”

    Oh how I miss those days.

  • Oh my, it would be too much to love with your whole heart – so true. My oldest is coming up on 5 and a half and it’s amazing – I distinctly remember him being around 4 and a half and thinking, wow, you’re a kid. It’s pretty incredible the changes.

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