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Remodel: Week 7

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It’s week 7. SEVEN! It’s been 7 weeks since we had a kitchen, since we lived in more than one room, since I had a dishwasher. And it’s been a few weeks since we had, you know, walls.

Blogging about this every week has made me more cognizant of just how SLOW this whole process really is. I think I expected to be gone last week and to come home to a house with windows and doors, a house clearly being put back together. And it is being put back together. Ken put the rebar in the concrete and got the engineer’s signature for the framing and foundation. He spent today prepping the first window to be installed. Maybe tomorrow we will have our first window in. Maybe by the end of the weekend we’ll have windows and doors.

When Ken gets serious about something, he hangs it on the wall. In our old house we had a true-to-size picture of our new TV taped on the wall before we ever had the real one. He taped off the plans for the new kitchen in the old kitchen as we worked through the planning. Now he has taped the electrical plans to the wall and has the electrician coming on Monday to start the vast amounts of electrical work we are doing. The house, built in the 50s, had surprisingly little electricity. There are no plugs in the bathrooms or the hallways; there were only two in the old kitchen, maybe three more in the old living room. The only lighting came from the old and hideous ceiling fan. In the new space we won’t have to use dangerous power strips to plug in our numerous devices. I won’t have to pull the vaccum to its breaking point to reach the corners of the room. And we’ll have light! What a novel idea (I know there weren’t as many electric devices in the 50s, but it’s hard to imagine needing that little electricity).

Seven weeks in and I can hardly remember not having a refrigerator right next to the couch. I can hardly remember what it’s like to be able to take things out of the fridge and place them on a nearby counter. Counters are convenient and I miss them. When I fill up the kids’ milk cups (seemingly 8 million times a day) I have a method where I place the top of the milk on a shelf in the fridge while I pour. This week I lost the top in the mess of the fridge more than once.

Miles and Nora are used to our new space, I guess. This week, with temperatures rising to stupid record highs, we were stuck in here for much more of the day than we are used to. It was close quarters, but we managed. Nora is curious about all that Ken is doing and would like to watch more than she is allowed. She peeked her head into the remodel space this afternoon to look for her dad and she turned around excited, telling me he had knocked out another wall (he hadn’t, but he had taken the plywood out of the doorway). Miles seems to miss the circular floor plan (we went to my brother and sister-in-laws and he immediately started doing laps of their apartment) and space to roam. Today he did many “laps” around our rooms and hallway with his lion in tow. I could tell he was wishing for a circle but settling for his own linear path none-the-less. And he’s managed to carve out some toddler-only spaces behind furniture. I think he’s missing and then I see his little head peeking at me from behind a shelf.

Hopefully Week 8 will have some more exciting progress so I can stop taking pictures of concrete and plans and show some real progress.

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