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Remodel: Week 8

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I came home after three days away this week and our house, while further destructed, looks like it will one day be a house I will be proud to call my own. Instead of unwanted and unexpected plumbing problems, this week we put things together, installed windows and doors we had picked out and can see the shape our house will eventually take.

Last Friday we had one window in and by the end of the weekend we had windows throughout the back room.

By Monday afternoon, the windows were joined by doors, one of which didn’t exist in the old house and one of which doubled in size. And the result is that we have so much more light in that room that used to feel like a cave.

Even though there’s still much much much work to be done to make that room livable, to get us a kitchen, to make it the room we want it to be, with the windows and doors in, such a huge feature of the changes we are making, I can start to see the light (pun intended) at the end of the tunnel.

All of this progress happened before I left town with the kids to visit a friend. I had to watch the next bit of progress from afar – and I’m glad that was the case, since it would have been impossible to be here with the kids on the day that Ken decided to also change out the front window in the room we are living in.

It was a bit disconcerting to check my photos and see that my house – and the part we are using – was disturbed even more.

It’s been comforting to be able to close the door to the remodel space, to be in a room with few reminders of what is happening behind the temporary wall. But with the front window missing, and sheet rock missing, that denial is no longer possible.

When I got home today, Ken had the front window all in. And it too gives us a feel for how our new house will look. It is bigger than the old one, and we took down the AWFUL drapes left by the previous owner and now the room feel bigger (but – hello neighbors! Nice to see you!). The house was owned by only one person before us (as far as we know) and her taste was not ours, her drapes were not in the realm of our taste, her textured carpet has not grown on me one iota.. And so getting rid of those pieces takes us closer to feeling like this is our home, a piece of us, like our last house eventually felt.

Ken has warned me that this week will bring slower progress, that we may even have to return to the demolition phase a bit as we ready the roof and the electricity and such for the re-insulation process. But I’ll take this week’s progress and hope that it carries me through next week too.

If you are interested in seeing more about what our plans are – how we hope this will take shape, you can follow my remodel board on Pinterest.

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  • Wow! That is going to be amazing! Can’t wait to see the results!

  • I’m glad it’s going well for you! I’m impressed that your family took on the remodeling challenge! It’s one that I’m not sure if I could do, not at this time in my life anyway. We have a bathroom floor that has had carpet ripped out (why carpet in a bathroom?!?!) and we haven’t done anything to replace the carpet in two years, so good job on getting stuff done!

  • I absolutely love all the windows! It looks like its coming together nicely. I’m stopping by from SITS. I hope your having a great weekend.

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