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Remodel: Week 9

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For the last two weeks we’ve had an open wound running through the remodel space. It was crying out to be fixed, filled in, tended to. And this week it was. Ken, his brother and a good friend poured concrete into the long gash into the floor. Miles, Nora and I listened as they moved the heavy bags of concrete into the space, negotiated the tasks of adding water, discussed the consistency of concrete and seemingly had fun while doing this not-so-fun job. And now, once the windows and doors are back on after painting, the space will be whole – injury free and ready to be prepped for the final stages of the project.

And Ken’s brother also realized that the dumpster doubles as a nice drying rack for the clothes he was washing while he was here. I’m sure our neighbors are as ready as I am to get this whole thing done.

The electric work has been started, the plumbing work is DONE! And now Ken and I are moving on to having exciting conversations about air conditioning registers. Ken spends hours in front of the computer trying to figure out a new plan for ductwork, what makes sense to change and update and what we should leave. He turns to me and asks me my opinion about duct systems and ceiling registers. Our ceilings currently sport circular vents. We’d prefer rectangular. Ken keeps talking and my eyes glaze over. I don’t really care about any of this stuff. I know it all has to happen – plumbing, electric, new concrete, new A/C ducts. But I want the pretty stuff.

So I started pinning. I’m relieving my remodel stress on Pinterest (follow me if you want a glimpse…). Will that help? Make it worse? I don’t know. But week 9. No kitchen. No kitchen in the near future. No new pretty things. No new pretty things in the near future. But there are lots of pretty things on the Internet…

I’m off to pin…

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