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Remodel: Week 10

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Our remodel hit double digits this week and we made double digit progress. Crazy progress. So much progress I had to leave town.

After I complained last week about nothing getting done and nothing pretty taking shape, we got our new mailbox/mail slot in the mail. And it’s pretty, y’all. It really is.

It’s the first thing in this whole process where I totally see Ken and myself (Ken came up with the HOWDY – which is just so perfect) putting our stamp on this whole thing. I’m not in the wires or the plumbing, but this mailbox. That’s something I can get into.

Along with a pretty mailbox, we got paint put on doors, doors that are closer now to being reinstalled so that the house looks pretty again.

And the biggest thing of all this week was that we demo’d the space we’d been living in and knocked down the temporary wall (at least temporarily) so that we could see for the first time how our new and improved very open and light house is going to look when this is all through.

And it is wow. It is so much bigger and lighter and wow than I had even thought. It’s hard to picture a house missing a huge wall (unless you’re Ken who has the magic touch of seeing all of this happen in his mind’s eye), but when I walked in with the kids after a morning errand yesterday and there was no wall. It was crazy.

It was also crazy because we had to live in the bedrooms and hallway for about 24 hours. We had pushed all of our living room stuff either into the storage container or into Nora’s huge bedroom. So, yeah, not really a great place for kids to be.

So we flew up here to Virginia. To spend a week at Ken’s parents’ house. Where we ate a meal tonight cooked ON A STOVE (not a first, my mom has cooked on a stove for us too, but we are living in a house with a stove for a week and that feels a bit surreal). Today while we were on the plane all of the electric work was completed. So now we have some wires to go with our pipes.

And in case you’re wondering, I didn’t really have to use the leash. They let Ken through security with me, so we had a good parent to child ratio in the airport. We only used it for about five minutes while we were in line for boarding and not using the stroller anymore. Miles wasn’t a fan. But we made it here in one piece. And I don’t think we even caused enough ruckus on the plane for any of our fellow passengers to complain.

If you are interested in seeing more about what our plans are – how we hope this will take shape, you can follow my remodel board on Pinterest.

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