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Summer Saturdays – The Essence Of Now

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We aren’t home. But that doesn’t really matter. The things that matter today, the details of my summer Saturday are the same no matter where I am as long as I’m with my smallest lovable companions.

My days, my now, are all about these eyes, following me, watching the world, windows into a friendly soul.

My now is all about these toes, these toddler feet, full still with baby fluff. These feet, always busy, always moving, always wiggling and climbing and exploring new heights.

My now is all about exploring new places, traveling to a familiar place but seeing it anew through a smaller lens. Today the farmer’s market, tomorrow a park, the next day a zoo and who knows what after that.

 My summer Saturday is about about sweetness. The sweet smiles and sweet sentiments. And sweet treats, of course.

My now is about memories and lessons, about grandparents, about being away but feeling pretty much at home. About new dresses sewn by Nana and modeled by a happy four year old.

 My now is about an emerging helper, a girl who soaks up lessons on writing her thoughts and reading books and making ice cream. And about all the people helping to teach those lessons.

My now is pretty sweet.


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