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Remodel: Week 11

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I haven’t seen the house in a week. We are back in Austin, but not back home. We flew in last night (thus I’m posting this morning). This week of progress has left us without air conditioning until tonight and with new insulation that we need to stay away from for 48 hours. So all the progress this week I’ve learned about from photos and from talking to Ken late at night when he was just winding down his days of work. The lights in the work space allowed him to work late into the evenings, getting things ready for us to come back home. And we are almost there. I know there’s so much that happened that I can’t remember, that Ken will ask me why I didn’t include here. There was so much progress this week, and so much going on while we were away, that this is what I remember.

He painted the doors – a spearmint color that I can’t wait to see in person. We are going to paint the brick a cream color eventually, so the spearmint may not match the pinkish color now, but it will.

Ken built the framing for the doors so that the mason can come this week and start rebuilding our house, so that the walls are no longer only sort of there, so that the house starts to feel whole again.

Ken worked hard this week while we were gone, making sure that he got everything he could done when he had the kid-free and wife-free opportunity. One morning he texted that he was in pain from going up and down to the attic, building a pony wall to block off part of the garage for the insulators so that we don’t air condition extra space.

The biggest progress we made was the insulation. They came and spray-foamed the walls and roof yesterday. Hopefully this will save us in air conditioning cost. Ken’s been looking forward to this progress since we started. And yesterday I watched on facetime as they set up, covered our whole house in plastic. And then I got on a plane to come home and they finished insulating.

So our walls are full of foam, the sheet rock begins Tuesday. And then we can move back into the living space and progress toward a functional kitchen.

Until then, we are continuing the tour of the grandparents’ houses. Last week in DC and this week in Austin. Next week, hopefully in our own house.

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If you are interested in seeing more about what our plans are Рhow we hope this will take shape, you can follow my remodel board on Pinterest.

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