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Remodel: Week 12

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I leave bright and super super early tomorrow morning (look for an awesome guest blog here tomorrow!). I’m packed (mostly) and snuggled Miles and Nora just a little bit more tonight before bed since I won’t see them again until Sunday afternoon. And I’m leaving them in a house that is getting closer and closer to ready to beautify.

As I wrote on Saturday, the new open space invites us out there to live. We are still relegated mostly to the bedrooms. We are surviving living in very close and cramped quarters, though whenever we are out in more open space, Miles takes off, running for it, running free.

Tomorrow we begin sheetrock – a bit step in making our house livable. We will have walls.

And the mason is going to come and rebrick in the outside walls.

Our house will be whole again.

So Ken and I look at what we want this all to look like. He researches the proper way to trim out our ceiling, which will have exposed beams to break it up. We look at pictures and pin together. Pictures like this one:

Source: via Toddler on Pinterest


And this one:

Source: via Toddler on Pinterest


And this one:


When I return on Sunday we should no longer be able to see all the way to the stalagmites of the spray-foam insulation on the ceiling. We should no longer see exposed electric work on every wall of our new space.

We will order cabinets, and wait for their delivery. Ken will start to build the built-ins: the murphy bed, the room divider, the banquette. And even though we are still months away from a real fully done kitchen, we are getting closer. It is starting to take shape. I pin and I know that eventually my house will look even better than what I’ve put on my visual bulletin board.


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If you are interested in seeing more about what our plans are – how we hope this will take shape, you can follow my remodel board on Pinterest.

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