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Sunday Reads – Favorite Characters

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When Nora was one and I was searching for new books, I bought one because the ducks were just so cute. And it turns out, so was the story. Gossie and Gertie are goslings – best friend goslings who wear boots and go on adventures. Nora and I immediately loved these two adorable ducks, reading the first book so many times that we had to get more.

So we explored all that the Olivier Dunrea characters had to offer. We laughed at BooBoowho likes to eat and eat and eat.

We identified with Gideon and his stuffed Octopus best friend, in Gideon and Otto, feeling his pain when he lost Otto and his joy when he found him.

And Nora and I read Ollie many many times as we waited for Miles to be born. As Gossie and Gertie poke at the egg, waiting for Ollie, as they try everything to get him to come out, they realize that Ollie will come when he wants to. And when he pokes out of that egg, he is just so cute.

There’s just something about these goslings, about their simple words, simple expressions, simple stories. They manage to somehow capture the emotion and adventure of toddlerhood in such a way that isn’t patronizing or simplified or silly. Gossie and Gertie wear their boots, stomp around, follow each other, learn patience, make friends, use their imagination, and I never tire of reading of their adventures.


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