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Remodel: Week 15

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I was a concrete skeptic. Concrete is cold. It is hard. It isn’t what I grew up with, not what we had in our first house. But Ken wanted concrete, assured me that it would be beautiful and fun and not just the cold and industrial substance that I assumed it to be.

So this week was all about concrete. Ken and his brother sanded and troweled and sanded and troweled and sanded and troweled. With each new layer the concrete took on a new life, new personality, new lines and shapes and patterns. And a little more dust.

It is smooth. It is starting to shine. The patterns explode out onto the floor in different places and in different ways. And the concrete suddenly has more personality than I thought concrete could.

It is still cold to the touch – which is a good thing in Texas in August. It is still hard; every time Miles bounds into the room, freeing himself from the confines of our small living space, I yell to him to be careful. He loves to run over the smooth surface, to make his mark in the new space, to hit the button on the radio and dance his tiny feet over the new floor.

It’s not done yet. Tomorrow Ken will take the color “recipes” and test out the colors we will add, mix together the dyes to make the floor color a bit warmer, more inviting. Add a sealer and wax and it will be done.

Want the back story?

The Plan

The Preparation

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