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Remodel: Week 18

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Within hours of having moved into our new space, both kids had knocked their heads on the concrete floor. Miles fell while trying to get off of a ride-on toy; Nora hit her head when lowering herself to looks for something under a table. It was inevitable, really. And it was the thing I most worried about in agreeing to concrete floors. Their heads are hard, but concrete is harder. And an 18 month old is bound to hit his head a few times.

It was, in a way, good to just get that over with. And since then we’ve just been reveling in our space, enjoying not eating on a small kids’ table in Nora’s bedroom. Nora’s been able to have her own time to play. Miles has been running and running and running around the open space we’ve created. And Ken and I have enjoyed evenings sitting on a couch, watching TV. The simple things.

In our first week with our new floors, after the head hitting was over, I noticed that not only did the concrete look nice, but it lends itself to kids pretty well, really.

First, there’s no better floor for a tap dancing girl. The sound of tap shoes on concrete is more than music to her ears.

Block towers are easy to build on the smooth floor (and easy to knock over too, which, of course, is Miles’ main fun).

And all the toys with wheels are enjoying their super smooth rides and the many times they are pushed hard enough to race across the entire floor, not encountering any bumps or cracks or other various textures to slow them down.

Not to mention the fact that the floor is doing an amazing job of hiding dirt and grime. Our horrible old carpet was perfect for collecting years and years worth of ground up goldfish. Now the crumbs hide happily on a very sweepable surface.

In the next couple of weeks we should be making progress on the kitchen. The tile is here, the counter top is waiting in the garage. So we are trying to decide on cabinet colors so that Ken can begin to paint as soon as the cabinets arrive.

Sitting here in this open space, I can see the light at the end of this very long tunnel.

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