I started this blog in the summer of 2009 – hence the title. As a working mom who has the summers off, I set out to give myself a project. I thought it would just be a summer thing, but it turns out writing all this down is rather cathartic.

But I also now do it because I am a writer – and I always have been. Having the goal to set text here every night, to hope that some of it may actually be good even, fulfills me. Growing up, I typed (on my Apple 2E) long stories about children and teddy bears; I composed a family newsletter for a few years when I was in elementary school; I won money for my college essay and got to read it on the radio. I wrote creatively and analytically through undergrad and then “gave up” my first teacher summers to continue writing at The Bread Loaf School of English.  I write and I always have.

Since I first started blogging my family has grown and my audience has too. What began as a project just for me and a few family members who I was brave enough to give the URL has turned into a part of my life that I am fully dedicated to. I wrote for equality101.net and existentialmom.com, both web projects that helped me grow, but have since faded.  My post on the delicate balance of power between parents and caregivers (and about Nora’s still favorite habit of sucking her thumb) was reprinted on The Motherlode blog from The New York Times. And I’ve been featured on BlogHer Moms.

You can follow me on twitter (@toddlersummer) and on instagram or reach me by email at toddlersummer@gmail.com.

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